African Indigenous Women Organization

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About Us

The African Indigenous Women’s Organization is a continental-wide Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), whose members are composed of African Indigenous Women representing NGOs, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and other grass-root organizations (who undertake social and economic activities for their own gain).  We work towards the promotion of women’s and indigenous peoples rights which include social, economic and political empowerment in Africa.

African Indigenous Women’s Organization (AIWO) was formed on 24th April, 1998 in Agadir, Morocco. This was after the first African Indigenous Conference held on 20th to 24th April the same year. The conference was initiated by Netherlands Center for Indigenous Peoples and hosted by Tamaynut of Morocco. The theme of the conference was to “Clarify the role of Indigenous Women in Africa as supporters of the Community and to strengthen the Indigenous Cultures and traditions persistence”.

Our Activities

AIWO works directly with indigenous groups from rural areas to address issues in the following areas:

Our Major Programs

Our Vision

Improvement and empowerment of African Indigenous Women’s livelihood

Our Mission

Enhancing and strengthening the capacity of African Indigenous Women through participation, social, economic, political empowerment as well as protection of their rights

2022 International Women’s Day Celebration

“Gender Equality Today For a Sustainable Tomorrow”. Indigenous Women from Naramam,Olorukoti,Ololulunga,Samburu and Marsabit gathered together at Naramam to celebrate International Women’s Day in collaboration with Indigenous Information Network,African Indigenous Women Organization,Madre,Fimi and Indigenous Women Biodiversity Network.