Aiwo Objectives

  1. To defend and promote the rights and interests of indigenous women and girls in Africa
  2. To organize and train Indigenous Women and girls on human rights, land rights, sexual reproductive health, leadership, education, information communication and other emerging issues.
  3. To support and encourage Indigenous women and girls to undertake research on areas of concern in the community (mapping out of areas habited by Indigenous Peoples, extent of education, impact on gender-based violence, Indigenous women and girls access to productive resources and sexual reproductive health)
  4. To provide assistance, support and capacity to Indigenous Women and girls on conflict, gender-based violence and peace-building reconciliation
  5. To enhance self-advocacy in the community especially on issues that touch on cultural practices
  6. To support Indigenous Women and girls in the preservation and protection of their Indigenous knowledge, cultures and natural resources
  7. To make an effort to guarantee the property rights and access to productive resources of Indigenous Women and girls for their social, economic and political empowerment.
  8. To monitor the grass-root projects and programs undertaken by the Indigenous Women and to evaluate the impact of the development projects undertaken in Indigenous Peoples lands.