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Preparatory & capacity development workshop for major groups and other stake holders in the african region for the 9th session of African Regional Forum on Sustainable Development(ARFSD)-Niamey Niger
English>>>Practical training in making pots suitable for above-ground farming French>>>Formation pratique en fabrication des pots adaptés à la pratique de l’agriculture hors sol

French>>>Programme d’autonomisation économique de femmes à travers l’agriculture ècoresponsable et la valorisation de l’artisanat local dans la pratique de cette agriculture

English>>>Program for the economic empowerment of women through eco-friendly agriculture and the development of local crafts in the practice of this agriculture

Aiwo Organized a workshop for the Indigenous women at Dori Burkina faso.They were able to meet women groups with an initvatie of ensurring that they leave no one behind.

Building relationship and visibility for Indigenous Women and Youth from  Burkina-faso,Mali,Senegal and Niger

2023 International Women's Day Celebration-Mali

2023 International Women's Day Celebration-Burkina Faso