indigenous Women of Africa

Check some of our latest activities and workshops among the indigenous women of africa from various places.We also have webinars from time to time to discuss our progress on various projects

Our Workshops

International Wome Day,Turkana county

Indigenous Women From Turkana working together to create visibility for local women in the county. The outcome  of the meeting was  declaration to advance their advocacy work.

Indigenous Women Workshop,Namanga,

Indigenous Women workshop took place at Namanga,Tanzania.Indigenous women were trained on coping mechanisms amid and post covid-19 pandemic

Kilgoris,Narok County

Indigenous Women Workshop Narok County(Kilgoris).The women were trained on matters such as human rights,land rights,leadership,biodiversity and environment

Boyome Cameroon

Sensitization of women on covid-19,the negative impact of deforestation and the building of energy saving ovens to combat climate change.

West Region Cameroon

Installation ceremony of first Mbororo woman in the post of 1st deputy mayor in the foumbot council. West region Cameroon.


The Indigenous women from Samburu county celebrating the International Women’s Day.

Doldol Laikipia County-Kenya

Exchange visit between Indigenous Women from Nyekweri kinendet for observation trust, kiltamany women in samburu group all visiting Twala women group from Doldol Laikipia county. Learning from each other and lifting each other spirits while sharing the successes

International Women’s Day celebration 2021.The indigenous women from Samburu,Kenya are singing their traditional song to mark the women’s day celebrations.

2022 International Women's Day celebration

“Gender Equality Today For a Sustainable Tomorrow”. Indigenous Women from Naramam,Olorukoti,Ololulunga,Samburu and Marsabit gathered together at Naramam to celebrate International Women’s Day in collaboration with Indigenous Information Network,African Indigenous Women Organization,Madre,Fimi and Indigenous Women Biodiversity Network

Indigenous Women Workshops

On 30th-31st July 2020 Aiwo held trainings in Narok(Kilgoris) and  to educate women on human rights,land rights,leadership,biodiversity and environment.The women were also privileged to be educated on agricultural matters by the Agricultural officer.For empowerment,the women were also trained about NARIGP project(World bank loan)

Cameroon-West Africa

Capacity building workshop on the”Empowerment of Indigenous Women/girls/ Youths on women Leadership their Rights and how to Attenuate the Impact of COVID-19 on their communities organized by AIWO-CAN in collaboration with FIMI