Nurturing Future Indigenous Women Leaders.

Indigenous Women Biodiversity Network (IWBN) history comes from ajourney undertaken by Indigenous Women from the global south, witha quest to create visibility of Indigenous women’s role in BiodiversityConservation. When the Convention on Biological Diversity came toforce in 1993, it was very clear that Indigenous women were notvisible at all, even though the convention encouraged and […]

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Indigenous Women Voices on Climate Change It is clear that climate change is already causing widespread socio-economicand environmental loss and human suffering. Studies have shown that globalwarming and extreme weather conditions may have calamitous humanrights consequences for millions of people. Global warming is one of theleading causes and greatest contributors to world hunger, malnutrition,exposure to

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Aiwo Declaration statement

  African Indigenous Women’s Regional Statement For the Second World Conference of Indigenous Women Indigenous Women have progressed in advocating for their rights through capacity building by participating in different National, Regional and International Meetings like the Commission on the Status of Women, Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, the United Nations Convention

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