Indigenous Women Voices on Climate Change

It is clear that climate change is already causing widespread socio-economicand environmental loss and human suffering. Studies have shown that globalwarming and extreme weather conditions may have calamitous humanrights consequences for millions of people. Global warming is one of theleading causes and greatest contributors to world hunger, malnutrition,exposure to disease and declining access to water. …

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Countries pledge record support to the Global Environment Facility

GEF-8 funding will scale up efforts to tackle biodiversity loss, climate change, pollution  Twenty-nine countries have jointly pledged more than $5 billion for the Global Environment Facility, providing a major boost to international efforts to protect biodiversity and curb threats from climate change, plastics, and toxic chemicals through collaborative action this decade. The new support, …

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AIWO Africa regional conference report

AIWO CONFERENCEAMPLIFYING AFRICAN INDIGENOUS WOMEN’S VOICESAfrican Regional Preparatory Meeting on Beijing +25 and the Second Indigenous WomenConference Yaoundé – Cameroon, December 3 – 7, 2019.The African Indigenous Women’s Organization (AIWO), in collaboration with IndigenousInformation Network (IIN), Suramama Women’s Organization and the International IndigenousWomen’s Forum (FIMI) brought together representatives of indigenous women organizations for aconference in …

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The Convention on Biological Diversity and Indigenous Peoples

On March 14-29, 2022, the Convention on Biological Diversity’s third meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation will be taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. Cultural Survival’s Indigenous Rights Radio took the opportunity to interview Indigenous leaders about the Convention and about how Indigenous Peoples are involved in the implementation of this important international, multilateral treaty.  Listen to podcasts here: